This Is A Us Federal , I Really Respect That They Fought People Against Are Country .. Many People Have Visited Cemeteries And Memorials , Particularly To Honor Those Who Have Die In Military Service , There Was Many Volunteers Place On An American Flag On Each Grave In National Cemeteries .
My Major Thought Is to Be A Doctor When I Get Older , I Have Always Had Thoughts About Helping People When I Get Older And Hit Collage , I Always Want One Then One Job , I Want To Go Around Studying At A YOUNG Age Whats It Like To be A Doctor When We Get Older And Start Making Are Own Money , I Want To Take Many Requirements On How To become A Doctor And A Nurse Because I Love Helping People ...
, The Federal Points I Don Really Know AnyThing Until I Have Looked It Up Online But I  Know Income Is Led By The Goverment on Tax"s Especially On Annual Tax On A Personal Income That Happen  especially an annual tax on personal income.
... My New Year Resolution Is To Get Better Grades On My Report Card  (&) Graduate Out Of 9th (&) 8th By Doing What I Know I Can Get Done ..
 i learned That Code's Are Very Easy (&) Simple To Learn , You Have To Follow EveryStep So You Can Get To The Place You Are Willing To Get To . I Also Learned That Computer Science Is Easy When You Put Your Mind To It

Stage # 2 , On Stage 2 It Was Getting Hard And A Little Confusing And It Was Making Me A Little Mad

Stage #3 Was Comparing Each Picture Together & Giving Them To They Other Friends To See How They Can Make Patterns , And Writing Down Steps So They Can Help One Another 

Stage #4 They Help People With Gragh Coding By Recreating Drawling Pictures By Only Using Arrows And Scribles ,

Stage 5 , Was Funny And A Little Confusing Towards The End Of The Game It Got Easy

Stage #6 Lesson 6 Teaches Us How To Get Cross Some Thing And How It Is Easy To Clear As Possible 
About The Text They Was Saying You Should Show A Positive Attitube When You Are Talking To Somebody And When You See Some One You Should Dress Right So No One Will Judge You
The Way I Would Like To Carry The Weather With Me Is Dont Let Nothing Effect The Way I Feel 
Today On September 3o , The Test That I Took About Lol ... OMG ! Was A Great Test I Learned Whats R ight For Wrong